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Are you looking for Bird Removal in Richmond?  Elite Wildlife Removal Richmond is here to assist you!  Our team has 12 years of experience and can handle any Commercial and Residential jobs. 

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Birds can be annoying if their behaviors and residences interfere with your daily activities. In some situations, they can cause costly damages to property or even lead to serious health problems. They can invade both commercial and domestic residences. You can contact our professional bird control service to remove this wildlife infestation. Our wildlife removal company specializes in bird removal in Richmond. We also offer services in other locations including Virginia, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Hire Professional Bird Removal in Richmond

If birds have invaded your home, warehouse or commercial property, our wildlife removal company have the experience and knowledge to control these pests. We’ll also bird-proof your building to reduce the possibilities of future re-infestation.

Also, our bird removal techniques are eco-friendly, humane, and efficient. Bird exterminators in our company will properly install bird deterrents, making your property bird-hostile. We use modern bird control methods capable of eradicating even the most nuisance pests.

  • Bird nests can clog gutters. This nesting materials can lead to water backup and costly structure damages. The nests can also clog up ventilation systems leading to fire hazards.

  • Bird droppings can pose serious health problems.

  • Bird droppings are also acidic. This acid effect can erode metal, cause stonework and concrete to crumble, or even dissolve paints.

We understand birds can be a nuisance to your home or business.  Our professionals in Richmond Virginia have handled many wildlife issues.  Our teams have

Canadian Geese on your Land

Canadian geese are common in properties with pods. However, they can also be a nuisance on golf courses, in parks, or on well-manicured lawns. Geese infest a property in large flocks, and they can destroy grass by defecating and grazing on it.
These birds can cause a stinking mess on your land, and if you’re running a business, your clients can consider it unfavorable. Since Canadian geese always return to their nesting sites after causing damages, you need to hire a professional bird removal to keep them away.

Pigeons in Buildings

Pigeons roosts in both commercial and residential buildings. These birds can live on beams and ledges, in and behind signboards, in eaves, or the ductwork.
A large pigeon flock can cause a mess in your attic or warehouse. Not only do they defaecate in large amounts, but also leave their nesting and feathers all over the property. Their droppings are also corrosive such that they can wear down building stones and metal.
Also, they can trigger dangerous fungus that causes histoplasmosis infection. Contact our wildlife removal company, and we’ll control these pests and clean out their droppings from your property.

Birds in the Vents

Birds such as woodpeckers, sparrows, and starlings can build nets on your home rainwater drains, bathroom vents, dryer vents attic and walls. If your property has bird nestlings in the gutters or vents, you might hear scratching sound as the birds are making nests.
In the spring, you can hear frequent movements as the birds are feeding their young ones. Woodpeckers can also destroy your wooden home by making holes in the trim and siding.
Every bird has a unique lifestyle, biology, and habits. Thus, it’s essential to hire experts who understand the nuisance bird you’re dealing with. In our wildlife removal company, we take extra efforts to use humane bird control measures depending on various bird species.


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