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Are you looking for Raccoon removal in Richmond?  Elite Wildlife Removal Richmond is here to assist you!  Our team has 12 years of experience and can handle any Commercial and Residential jobs. 

Affordable Raccoon Trapper in Richmond

Raccoons are such a common problem in most homes. They can invade your living quarters while looking for food and shelter. As such, you might find them inhabiting such places as the attics and the chimneys. These are some of the most inaccessible sections of your home.

If they are female, then the problem is even huger. It is because they are usually accompanied by a litter of their young ones. The noise can be deafening; the smelly droppings and the scratching can put you under desperation.

Again, think of them stealing your pet’s food, or running around and trashing the rubbish cans. Think also of an infected raccoon which can easily spread diseases in your home. The list of the damage these tiny animals can do remains endless.

Elite Wildlife Removal is a raccoon removal company that can help you with this problem. Based in Virginia, Virginia, and Washington DC areas, they are fully licensed, bonded and insured to carry out all types of wildlife removal.
The following are some of the services we do.

Raccoon Removal services

It can be absolutely difficult trying to get rid of raccoons out of your property. Depending on where a raccoon has set home around your establishment, you may definitely need professional services. This problem is more complicated if the raccoon is a female and has a colony of youngsters running around an inhabited area. Getting rid of them is a complex affair.

It’s obvious that damage has been caused. For example, in the process of trying to gain entry as well as open an exit point, they easily tear ways the insulation in the pipes. For this reason, the extent of damage needs to be clearly assessed and evaluated by professionals. We are always at hand to take care of all everything associated with a raccoon infestation.

Our skilled handlers have the capacity to carefully remove both mother raccoon together with its litter, and leave your home free from these pests. We do further inspection of likely areas where they can easily be hiding. We advise you on how to prevent further infestation. We also repair all damage done to your home as a result of the infestation.

Get Raccoon Removal in Richmond

If you are based in Richmond and surrounding areas and are having a problem with raccoons you can easily get in touch with us. We practice safe and humane removal of raccoons from your home. We also recognize the fact that raccoons invasion can be such an emergency. As such, we are always on call 24/7, to attend to your most pressing need.

We are your most reliable Wildlife Removal Company

Wildlife and pest invasion such as raccoons can be damaging and costly to your home. They’re not only a great nuisance, but they can wreak untold havoc, especially when making their entry and creating openings to steal food.

However, you need not despair anymore. We are simply one call away to help keep raccoons from your property. Contact us today to if you need raccoon removal services.


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