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Are you looking for Bat removal in Richmond?  Elite Wildlife Removal Richmond is here to assist you!  Our team has 12 years of experience and can handle any Commercial and Residential jobs. 

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Snakes invading property has always been a perennial problem for many homes across these four states, for they are home to numerous species, up to two or three of which are venomous. These snakes often just appear out of nowhere, but are usually not aggressive. However, it has to be stressed from the outset that snake removal should be handled only by a professional, regardless of whether the snake is venomous or not. An encounter with any kind of snake is always considered as risky, after all.

We Specialize in Humane and Effective Means of Wildlife Removal

We Specialize in Humane and Effective Means of Wildlife Removal
We have been in the business of wildlife removal for 12 years, with our headquarters situated in Virginia. We have since expanded our service area to include the other areas said above. A testament to this and the outstanding service we are always willing to give clients is the Five-Star rating that have at We’ve also been a consistent Top Producer in the Virginia, Northern VA, Richmond, and Washington D.C. areas.
We Do Our Best to Keep Those Snakes Away for Good
We don’t just settle on removing the snake from your property. After all, there’s always a chance for snakes to re-enter your property. After doing the removal, we take initiative to check and fix any damage the snake may have done to your property. We also take it further by employing deterrent methods and utilizing seals that will effectively prevent any further snake invasions in your property. As we render our services, we will always be in open communication with you to keep you informed about what we’re doing and to answer any important queries you might have.
Tip to Keep in Mind When You Come Across a Snake in Your Property
When you find a snake in your property, you have to make it a point to stay as far away from it as possible. If you find that it has already entered your home, do your best to isolate it in a single room before promptly calling for a professional snake removal service. Our experts are always on standby and can be reached with a single phone call at 804-223-1888.
Keeping Snakes Out of Your Property
If your property happens to have many spots that could provide a snake with cover (long grass in your backyard, logs, branches, large rocks and debris, etc.), it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. These can be good hiding spots for rattlesnakes, which are the most common venomous snakes in these four areas. They prefer the shade that these debris provide. It also wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your property doesn’t have too many openings in which snakes and other wildlife can easily enter.
Venomous Snakes We Usually Encounter
  • Copperhead (usually found within the city limits of Richmond and Virginia)

  • Timber rattlesnake (also found in Virginia and has a deadly venom)

  • Western rattlesnake (the only venomous snake recorded in Washington)

  • Northern copperhead

  • Cottonmouth (another common venomous snake in the States)

How to Identify Venomous Snakes
While venomous snakes have subtle differences, they also share some similar features. Snakes that have plenty of color and does not possess a solid hue are certainly always a red flag. Rattlesnakes have a triangular head, a trait that it shares with the other venomous snakes mentioned above. A rattlesnake, of course, has its trademark rattle, but not all the ones that you might encounter have them.
Another effective way to identify a venomous snake is to get close to it and examine its pupils. However, this is certainly best left to professionals. Once you give us a call, we’ll make sure that your snake problem will be taken care of in no time, all the while prioritizing your safety and making sure that the entire process of snake removal is handled humanely. And as said above, we’ll also do our best to shield your property from future invasions.


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